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Southern Joy: Over the Next Hill

Southern Joy Over the Next Hill (Sounding Board SJ 1020) I suppose a site like this isn't complete without some Southern Gospel, and this is a nice example of that from the mid-1970's. Southern Joy was a gospel group from Greenville, SC. Performed well without too much affectation, with a lively tempo to keep your …


Tom Autry: Tom Autry, and Blood of the Lamb

Tom Autry is a Texas Christian performer who put out several very smooth albums in the 1970's and 1980's. Tom Autry (Star Song SSR-0001, 1975) Tom Autry's début album (and evidently that of Star Song Records as well) is a laid back, beautifully performed album that constantly reminds one of its Texas origins. His mellow …

The Answer is Jesus Christ Coffeehouse Rehearsal

Recorded 29 August 1975 These are unreleased recordings as opposed to a polished production. But some explanation is necessary. The Answer is Jesus Christ was started by M.B. Flippen (that's right, "Flip" Flippen, the motivational speaker) as a Christian counselling centre in College Station, Texas, in 1972. At the same time it was a coffeehouse …

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