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Tom Autry: Tom Autry, and Blood of the Lamb

Tom Autry is a Texas Christian performer who put out several very smooth albums in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Tom Autry (Star Song SSR-0001, 1975)

Tom Autry’s début album (and evidently that of Star Song Records as well) is a laid back, beautifully performed album that constantly reminds one of its Texas origins. His mellow vocals and nice instrumentation are a cut above a good deal of Christian music of the era. It’s too bad that he did not receive more recognition at the time, although part of the problem may be that the follow up below.

The songs:

  1. Jesus I’m Glad That You Found Me
  2. All I Really Need (is to Trust the Lord)
  3. God Is Real (and He Loves You and Me)
  4. Jesus I Want to Give my Life to You
  5. Jesus You are the Real Live Sonshine
  6. As It Was In the Days of Noah
  7. Walk Me Through Another Valley
  8. Father, Father I Love You Today
  9. Jesus, I Want to Walk Closer to You
  10. If His Light Doesn’t Shine

The performers:

  • Tom Autry–Bösendorfer Piano, RMI 668X Piano, RMI Keyboard computer, Clavinet D6, Elka 490 Strings, Mini-Korg K-2 Synthesiser
  • Paul Leim–Drums
  • James Pritchett–Acoustic Guitar
  • Ernie Chapman–Bass
  • Fletch Wiley–Flute, Trumpet, Flugel Horn
  • Al Perkins–Steel Guitar, Lead Guitar
  • Mickey Raphael–Harmonica

Blood Of The Lamb (Star Song SSR-0006) 1978

The follow up to his eponymous production, this album is an attempt to get to a very “ethereal” sound through styles which can best be characterised as New Age. But somehow he doesn’t quite make it. New Age style Christian music would have to wait a while before it finds expression in viable form.

The performers:

  • Keyboards and vocals–Tom Autry
  • Bass and Autoharp–Randy Adams
  • Drums–Carl Napoli
  • Back-up vocals–B, C and S, Carol Chambers, Janet Harris, and Lisa Munson
  • Electric Guitar–John Davis
  • Acoustic Guitar–Rick Crawford
  • Percussion–Russell Dunlap
  • Harp–Dedra Payne
  • Sax–Bobby Walzel
  • Baroque Trumpet–Gary Rhodes
  • Additional Keyboards–Paul Mills

Strings arranged and conducted at Anvil Studios, London, England, by Fletch Wiley.

The songs:

  1. Blood Of The Lamb
  2. Sweet Smell Of Faith
  3. Is It Wrong?
  4. Natural Man
  5. Blood Of The Lamb (Reprise)
  6. Sacrifice
  7. Without You
  8. I Want To Set You Free
  9. You’re My Rock
  10. Sacrifice (Reprise)


7 Replies to “Tom Autry: Tom Autry, and Blood of the Lamb”

  1. Tom Aurty is one of the nicest person to know and to be around. He is one of the best key board person and song writer. We sure have missed being with him my wife Yvonne and I.
    Tom she is still singing. God Bless you Tom.


  2. Tom, thank you so much for the Blood of the Lamb LP. It is one that I turn to when I want to feel the Lord’s peace in song.
    – Scott


  3. It’s about 3 am here in San Antonio. Earlier today I visited a thrift store I go to pretty regularly. They have vinyl man. A familiar name and face found me. Starring from an album was Mr. Tom Autry. I am listening to it now. Jesus, you are the son of God. Glory be to your name. I first saw and heard Tom Autry at a standing room only concert at Faith Ranch. Yeap, Already when you read this Tom. Your having flashbacks. It was 1979. Our school had just been built. You put on a concert there. There must have been maybe 25 people there. It was the greatest concert ever. I still remember it well. I married a Uvalde girl and moved to San Antonio. Were I live still. I have two beautiful children. One of each. Tom Autry, sir you changed my life. I just wanted you to know that. I am a scenic artist and a pretty decent musician. I am 52 and boy I sure feel it. I’m headed to Regan Wells this month to help celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Glasscocks wedding anniversary. Sorry I’m having all of these random memories right now. I use to work at the book store in Uvalde. Mrs. Hoelbem I think that was her name. Left me in charge of ordering all the music for the store. We played this album I’m listening to now and the blood of the lamb in her car on 8-track and in the store. God Bless you Tom. I’m so happy God gave your music back to me. Once the record started playing I started to sing along. I haven’t heard this album since 1980. Hope this letter makes you smile. I have been smiling and crying the whole time. Well I got to flip it over. My favorite song the album is the first track side 2. As it was in the days of Noah. Thanks for the music and the joy. Signed, William Lee. Goodnight.


  4. He performed at my church in 78 and gave me a 8 track of his first album,Great music then and now.Im going to download the whole album thanks


  5. Thank you!!
    What a blessing to be able to listen to those songs, again!!!
    I hadn’t heard them since the 70’s when he played for us at our tiny little church in Denton, TX, back in the 70’s.
    I also found today a new post on youtube of a new song of his about America. awesome song. awesome guy.


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