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About This Site

If you spend any time on this site, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of references to things nautical: sea voyages, harbours, etc.  That’s because my family and I spent a lot of time on the water, and not just us but family going back a century and more.

Below: Hope Town, July 1965, just before we almost went to the bottom.

Our cat Buff, welcoming people aboard.

We’ve also been engaged in engineering pursuits for a long time as well.  That pursuit led me to research the history of science, technology and mathematics, and one of the most remarkable stories is that of Adhémar Jean Claude Barré de Saint-Venant, the French mathematician and scientist.

Saint-Venant had a long and fruitful career of research and publication.  But it got off to an inauspicious start when he refused to defend Paris on behalf of the “usurper” Napoleon Bonaparte.  Trashed for years for his religious and political views, Saint-Venant “kept going” and by the time he died was a respected member of the French Academy of Sciences.  In the memorial announced by the President of the Academy was the following:

Old age was kind to our great colleague.  He died, advanced in years, without infirmities, occupied up to the last hour with problems which were dear to him and supported in the great passage by the hopes which had supported Pascal and Newton.

The “hopes which had supported Pascal and Newton” were Christian hopes.  In this life we can do many things both wonderful and not so wonderful, but in the end it’s where we’ve put our trust in eternity that counts.  For Saint-Venant, that place and person was Jesus Christ, and that’s the way it is with me also.

While we wait to achieve this hope–the place I call “Positive Infinity”–there’s much to be done, to look at and deal with in this life.  The purpose of this blog is to do all of these things from the perspective of one Christian who always seems to find himself viewing life and eternity in ways that no one else does.

Take a look at the columns on the left and right to see what’s here.

About this Site and Its Webmaster

This site was originally launched in August 1997 as “The Pentecostal Layman’s Page” on Geocities.

It was moved in late 2002 due to the increasing difficulty of maintaining a proper web site there.  At that time it was renamed “Positive Infinity.”

The title change is taken from the work My Lord and My God which has been on the site since 1998.

The blog portion of the site was first launched in April 2005; it became a WordPress blog the following year.

In addition to growing up in Palm Beach (which is life experience enough,) the webmaster, Don C. Warrington, is an engineer by profession whose career has had three distinct phases.

The first was in the heavy construction equipment business, and that story is well documented here.

The second was at the Church of God Department of Laity Ministries.  The department specialised in men’s ministry and personal evangelism.  The Church of God disbanded the department, at which point the webmaster took his leave.

The third (which for many years was concurrent with and helped fund the second) is as an engineering consultant, writer and publisher of technical books, and an Adjunct Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, from whence he holds a PhD.

He is also a member of the North Cleveland Church of God.  He lives in East Tennessee with his wife Judy.


14 Replies to “About This Site”

  1. What a refreshing site! I don’t know you but someone certainly knows a lot about my past musical endeavors. Thanks for a great job!! God bless you today with His rest and peace.
    Tom A


  2. This is just amazing I have at last found the album I played over and over when I was born again in 1980 “The Wine of Lebanon”. What a blessing…thank you…the Lord bless you


  3. I am grateful for the post about my Father, Fr. Ian D. Mitchell! My name Julianna Pontious. I am married to John Pontious, the Son of Fr. Wayne L. Pontious! Thank you for sharing his music and story. In these tumultuous times, I have missed my dad and wonder how he would feel. Actually, I know. So, we continue to speak up about injustice in the World, and do what we can as we were both taught. In their memory, for which they both stood. With equality and the greater good. Gratefully, Julianna (Mitchell) Pontious


  4. This is the first time I’ve seen your blog. I love the stuff on Catholic Charismatic music and the Word of God community. I’m originally from the Detroit area and now living in Alabama. Glad to hear you have started a PhD, presumably late in life as I have done (Biotechnology Science and Engineering). I anticipate finishing in 2017. I have spent my more than 40 year career in science, engineering and technology and it sounds like maybe you took a similar path.


    1. Yes, it was late in life…
      Thanks for your kind words re the Word of God material, bringing up anything about the Catholic Charismatic Renewal from the 1970’s can be very incendiary.


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