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Music Pages

“…like most music that we’ve been writing in our heads most of our life, when it is finally put to paper in our youth, it is very, very sweet indeed.”  John Flaherty, guitarist, Emmanuel

“Thanks for helping keep the music alive. We all stand on the shoulders of those who went before us.”  Chris Barrett, Outpouring

“What a refreshing site! I don’t know you but someone certainly knows a lot about my past musical endeavours. Thanks for a great job!! God bless you today with His rest and peace.”  Tom Autry

This is a trip to find this online! I am listening to the CD I just burned for a friend and thought I’d type the title into google and up comes this page! This time in my life was some of the best years. These friends were near and dear to my heart. We praised God together for years…I miss them now and wonder where many of them are as I sit her and listen to their voices in harmony! Thank you my friends! I hope that you are all well and living your faith every day! Jeanne Geidel

…I appreciated the nice positive comments about our work (Joe Gear – bass, Tod Sorenson – drums, Kaaren Freeman – piano and guitar, and myself – electric and acoustic guitars were the musicians on the 1st three GIA recordings). Moreover, when we recorded “Ride On”, are ages ranged from 18 (myself and Todd) to 20 (Joe and Kaaren) and even though, when I listen to these records, I hear all of the mistakes, I also take pride in our accomplishments (especially considering our ages) and am grateful that someone else shares those sentiments. George Summers, God Unlimited

It is great to see the Album I produced, wrote all the songs and played Guitar and Piano on is still ministering to people. I certainly appreciate your kind comments about my work. Kind Regards – Jonathan Morgan Jenkins – Creator of Fruit of the Spirit 🙂

Thank you for reviewing these albums……I’m Claire White and wrote many of the songs etc Hearing them again and that folks are still blessed or even interested reminds one that nothing is wasted…ever! — Clair White Nichols, Achor

Nice to see there is still interest in the music. We Dayne and I appreciate it — Tom Schaefer, Songs for the Masses

I didn’t know anyone was still interested until I saw your post! — Paul Griffo, A City Set Upon a Hill Cannot be Hid

I am amazed that any copies are yet to be found of this album! It was a very limited pressing!…Thanks for that nice comment… — Bobby Kent, Glide Memorial’s Bobby Kent

This is the site where you can download MP3’s of the music from Church of the Redeemer and the Fisherfolk. I’m so glad you love the music we made and the life we shared.–Diane Davis Andrew, The Keyhole/The Way In

I am grateful for the post about my Father, Fr. Ian D. Mitchell!… Thank you for sharing his music and story. In these tumultuous times, I have missed my dad and wonder how he would feel. Actually, I know. So, we continue to speak up about injustice in the World, and do what we can as we were both taught. In their memory, for which they both stood. With equality and the greater good. Julianna Mitchell Pontious, The American Folk Song Mass

Although Positive Infinity is not, per se, a music blog, it does offer several Christian albums from the 1960’s, 1970’s and early 1980’s for download. These are albums which have been out of distribution for a long time (more about this in our Terms and Conditions.) This was a wonderful era in Christian music and it’s worth preserving.

Note: since I started doing this, many things have changed regarding the dissemination of this music.  To keep up with these changes, I have migrated a good deal of the existing music (and any new albums, after May 2018) to YouTube.  You can hear these on my YouTube channel which is here and which also has many other videos.  Some of the links below are directly to the YouTube videos, where the video notes describe the album.

I’ve broken down the album list into categories, which may or may not prove helpful.

En Français (In French)

Except for Tom Autry, this music is mostly Catholic and Episcopal folk music.

From the UK (and some Continental interlopers)

Catholic and Anglican/Episcopal Classics

The last Pope didn’t like this music. Maybe the current one will relent.  Be ahead of the curve in either case.

Hispanic Music

Good Coffeehouse Stuff

Music to get saved by.

Mould Breakers

These albums march to the beat of a different drummer…in every sense of the word.

Southern Gospel and Other “Traditional” Fare


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