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Latter Rain Christian Coffeehouse

Instead of an album from the “Jesus Music” era, this entry is a little different: a live recording of the Latter Rain Christian Coffeehouse in Garland Texas in July, 1977.  Located in downtown Garland, the Latter Rain was active through most of that year.

As opposed to the other coffeehouse recording I offer here, I’ve decided to  present the entire recording in one track.  That will give you a better flavour of what it was like to be in a Christian coffeehouse like this one.  It’s probably too much to say that it was “typical” (and that’s not a really informative term either) but here it is, with teaching as well.  As was also the case with this, the recording was room ambient and not off of the board, which means that the room reverberation is there, although my equipment had improved in the two years that separated the sessions.

The tape recorder used to record the Latter Rain: a Tandberg TCD-310, with factory microphones.

The Latter Rain’s musicians were skilful, tending to a more folksy style somewhat reminiscent of this but with a more distinctively Texas influence.

The Latter Rain Christian Coffeehouse:

  • Archie and Cindy Lowe
  • Todd and Terri Groo
  • Mike and Luba Goolsby
  • Tim and Margaret LaPrade

The songs are a mix of original compositions and covers; some of them are:

  • This is the Day (Psalm 118)
  • There Was Jesus
  • These Are the Last Days
  • I’ve Got the Lord on My Side
  • Weeds
  • Over There
  • Since I Met Jesus
  • Selah
  • Ballad of Luke Warm
  • The Second Coming Sunset

The subsequent history of the Latter Rain, and of Archie and Sindy Lowe, can be seen in this post.

I am indebted to Jen Lowe, Archie and Sindy’s daughter, for encouraging me to get this posted.  It’s one of those things I have wanted to do for a long time but just haven’t gotten to it until now.

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