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Jeanne Geidel and the New Horizon: Living Force

Jeanne Geidel and the New Horizon: Living Force (1979)

By the late 1970’s, Catholic liturgical music was becoming dominated by the products of North American Liturgy Resources (now a part of OCP.) But there still were a few brave souls who ventured out to produce some interesting music for liturgy and just some great Catholic music. One of those was Jeanne Geidel, who put together a large group to make this gem.

Living Force is a gorgeous album with rich instrumentation and harmonies which tend to float away, taking you with them. This California based production flows beautifully and presents a very nice Gospel message to boot. It’s the kind of album one would associate with a Mass or other gathering on a beach. It has a therapeutic quality to it, which makes sense because Jeanne Geidel Neal is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

I used “Along the Way” as a backdrop for this:

Jeanne herself has this to say about the album and how it came about:

A “sweet” blast from the past that triggers such wonderful memories! God got a hold of my life, redeemed my soul, and healed my heart! My feet have been on a path serving Him ever since–even through the heartaches, the losses, and disappointments along the way!

I wrote these songs and the liturgical parts of the Catholic Mass after a Life in the Spirit seminar at my church. I went to Loyola Mary Mount every Wednesday night for a Catholic charismatic, Spirit-filled mass! I was on fire for Jesus…still am! The Jesus revival swept across our nation and around the world, and I will be eternally grateful for the people who crossed my path and were instrumental in leading me to a whole new understanding of what it means to be a Christian! This album was dedicated to them.

Father Tichenor, who was on staff at Loyola Mary Mount, was born again! He was used by God in a mighty way, bringing thousands of Catholic Christians to a whole new understanding of the awesome love and power of God! Only by the power of the Holy Spirit, did the word of God come from his lips and ignite a Holy Spirit “fire” in all of us! I couldn’t get enough! My spiritual appetite was insatiable! I wanted more! I wanted everything that God had been holding onto just for me! These songs are about how he satisfied my soul! I shudder to think who and where I would be today without His great grace! The Gospel came alive in my heart and in my mind like never before! My eyes were opened and there is no turning back! There were several of my students from Bell-Jeff who joined us in the studio for the parts of the Mass. I was so proud of them–proud and grateful for all of us for accomplishing this work for His greater honor and glory! He truly is The Living Force in me!

Thank you for walking down memory lane with me just now! God bless you today! Allow Him to be the Living Force in your life, no matter where life has you! He will not abandon nor forsake you!

Speaking of masses, if there’s a weak spot in the album, it’s the Mass; there are better elsewhere. But for just great relaxing and inspiring Christian music, Living Force is hard to beat.

Note: Jeanne’s artistry has not stopped here; today she’s the “living force” behind the “And God Says” Inspirational Scripture Pictures.

The songs (for individual download:)

  • Changin’
  • One With Me
  • Along the Way
  • Trinity
  • Come Follow Me
  • Living Force
  • Glory to God
  • Father, We Have Gathered
  • Hosanna to Our King
  • Alleluia Lord
  • Doxology — Amen Alleluia
  • The Lord’s Prayer

The artists (pictured at right:)

  • Bottom:
    • Annabelle Bella, John DiGeronamo, Angie Resendez
    • Dee Mainer, Jeanne Geidel, Nathan Jones, Cees Mackaaij
  • Middle:
    • Judy Furino, Ray Nabell, Debi Mombra, Ingrid Szillinsky
  • Top:
    • George L. Rametta, Becky Volle, Katie Kearns, Ann Pickavet
  • Not Pictured:
    • Mary Bane, Phillip Watson

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2 Replies to “Jeanne Geidel and the New Horizon: Living Force”

  1. This is a trip to find this online! I am listening to the CD I just burned for a friend and thought I’d type the title into google and up comes this page! This time in my life was some of the best years. These friends were near and dear to my heart. We praised God together for years…I miss them now and wonder where many of them are as I sit her and listen to their voices in harmony! Thank you my friends! I hope that you are all well and living your faith every day!


    1. Hello Mrs Jeanne Geidel,

      Just discovered today your music.
      What a beautiful songs and voice …
      I’m speechless
      It’s nice to read that kind of article about unknown musician like you, one who deserve a wider recognition !

      Don’t hesitate to answer me and discuss with me too.

      All the best from France

      Paris, FRANCE
      email :


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