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The Old Time Family Outing: Not Quite What We Romanticised

I’ve been digging through the old family archives and came up with this gem of a photograph:

It was probably taken around the turn of the last century at the Civil War monument in Washington Park in Michigan City, Indiana.  At the top is my great-grandfather, George Warrington.  At the bottom, with his tongue stuck out, is my grandfather Chet, whose exploits in the sky I document here.   Evidently he isn’t as enthused with the “great old time” as his elders were.

For the most part child discipline was stricter in those days than now, but there were exceptions, and Chet was one of them, abetted by his mother, as Chet was their only child.


2 Replies to “The Old Time Family Outing: Not Quite What We Romanticised”

  1. First, Ken, I am very grateful to you for posting your photos of the monument. They are excellent and were crucial in solving this mystery. That solution amazed both myself and my relatives, one of which is something of an expert on the Civil War. It was really one of those divine nudgings.

    It was obvious from my photograph that the monument was substantial, so I started my search for large Civil War monuments, esp. in Chicago. When that didn’t work, I went to a Google image search. This monument is round at the base, which is a little unusual. It also has the Latin inscription “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.” (It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country.) Between that, the details of the soldiers at the bottom and the bronze plate, I was able to make the match.

    One thing that stands out in the comparison is the corrosion that the bronze portions of the statue have experienced in the approx. 110 yrs. between my photograph and yours.


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