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George Conger’s Renunciation

That’s probably not how he would characterise his absence from the race to become Episcopal Bishop of Central Florida, but that’s what it amounts to:

It is ironic that George Conger, a Central Florida rector who attempted to become the Bishop of Springfield is not a candidate.

I haven’t listened to Anglicans Unscripted in a long time for a number of reasons. But I have differed with Conger (we grew up in the same parish) on the whole business of givebacks and renunciation. He’s always emphasised the former while I the latter.

Central Florida would do well to have him as bishop. But such would require him to compromise on same sex marriage, something he is evidently not willing to do.

What this shows, however, is that whether you plan on renunciation, if you follow the way of Our Lord Jesus Christ, sooner or later you will do it.

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