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Journeying with The Table

That’s what the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis is doing:

With thanks for God’s abundance, I am writing to tell you about a sign of new life and growth in our diocese. Over the last year, The Table, an Indianapolis congregation planted in 2015 as part of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), has discerned a call to leave that denomination and become part of the Episcopal Church. Last week, The Table’s congregation voted 44-4 to disaffiliate formally with ACNA and to pursue affiliation with the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, and yesterday, that decision became final. The Table, which currently worships in the Broadway United Methodist Church on East 29th Street in Indianapolis, will now begin the process of applying to become a missional community under Canon 20 of the Diocese of Indianapolis.

Although I’m sure a few in the ACNA will exhibit a shame-honour reaction, this is really good news. If people really believe that the ACNA is wrong about the things that concern them, they need to leave and become (or become again) Episcopalians. As far as being a “major catch” for TEC, the congregation (even by Episcopal standards) is too small to rate as major. In the long run the ACNA will be better off.

And, of course, the fact that it was named The Table should have raised some eyebrows, as I explain in Don’t Tell People to “Come to the Table” Unless They Really Do–Or Should


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