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Anglican Tidbit: Music of the Liturgy in English According to the Use of the Episcopal Church

Columbia ML-4528 (1952)

This fascinating record is really two albums in one. The first, directed by Ray F. Brown, is a “Plainsong” rendition of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion and Evening Prayer. The “Plainsong” is what we would generally call Gregorian Chant (or in the style of Gregorian Chant.) It’s well done but how it comes across depends on how well you like Gregorian Chant, which these days is a subject tied up in the Traditional Latin Mass and all of the controversy that swirls around that. Suffice it to say that, if your parish is interested in attracting TLM people who feel they’re being run out of their own Church (and a case can be made that this is the case) then this Mass, properly executed, should go a long way to making TLM exiles happy.

The second, directed by Harold W. Gilbert with Andrew Tietjen at the organ, features Anglican Chant. For me it’s of more personal interest, having been raised in the “Old High Church.” Anglican Chant is polyphonic, as is the case with that of Orthodox churches. It’s well done and brings back many memories. Anglican chant has gotten the short shrift in the liturgical changes of the last half century, but it deserves better.

The song lists below refer to the 1940 Hymnal.

The songs:

SIDE 1: PLAINSONG — Students of the General Theological Seminary
of New York, directed by Ray F. Brown.


  • Kyrie, from Missa Marialis, Mode I. (Hymnal 719)
  • Christmas Collect
  • Creed, Mode IV (Hymnal 720)
  • Sursum Corda (Hymnal 734)
  • Christmas Preface
  • Sanctus, from Missa Marialis, Mode V. (Hymnal 721)
  • End of Canon • Lord’s Prayer (Hymnal 722)
  • Agnus Dei, from Missa Marialis, Mode V. (Hymnal 723)
  • Gloria, from Missa Marialis, Mode VIII. (Hymnal 724)


  • Preces • Psalm 15, Tone III A 5. (Plainsong Psalter)
  • Magnificat, Tone VIII 1, solemn form (Hymnal 658)
  • Nunc Dimittis, Tone I 2. (Hymnal 673) • Creed • Lord’s Prayer
    (Monotone) • Suffrages • Collects for Peace and Aid against

SIDE 2: ANGLICAN CHANT AND MERBECKE – Mixed Choir directed by Harold W. Gilbert


  • The Festal Preces (Hymnal 602) • Antiphon and Venite (Tomlinson — Hymnal 607)
  • Te Deum laudamus (Monk-Croft — Hymnal 613-617)
    Benedictus es Domine (Turton — Hymnal 623)
  • Benedictus Dominus (Turtle — Hymnal 634)
  • Jubilate Deo (Elvey — Hymnal 644)
  • Suffrages and Lord’s Prayer (Hymnal 602)

THE HOLY COMMUNION (John Merbecke, 1549)

  • Kyrie Eleison (Hymnal 702)
  • Credo (Hymnal 703)
  • Sanctus (Hymnal 704)
  • The Lord’s Prayer (Hymnal 705)
  • Agnus Del (Hymnal 706)
  • Gloria in Excelsis (Hymnal 707)

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