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Today’s Goat is Tomorrow’s Goat Too

In this case Jon Meacham:

Samford University has uninvited Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Jon Meacham from inauguration ceremonies for the school’s new president after student protest…

However, in a letter Wednesday, Beck Taylor, who became university president in July, wrote that due to objections, including from “elements of Samford’s Student Government Association,” the university had decided to reschedule the talk, as first reported by Baptist News Global.

I’ve written disparagingly about Jon Meacham before, and my opinion has not changed. I’m inclined to think that sleeping through his address would have been the best form of protest, but conservative activists, like their liberal counterparts, thought differently. Obviously the administration thought that a speaker like Meacham would not be a triggering event, but everyone gets triggered these days.

This is where we’re at: the only way conservatives think they can fight back against leftist cancel culture is to do some cancellation themselves. It’s really not a pretty picture, certainly not for free speech, but it’s where we’re at now.

Meacham’s 2010 piece on Easter prompted the following observation:

Pieces like this weren’t so much a challenge to traditionally religious readers as a declaration of war. Why not just put a bullet in the Easter Bunny while you’re at it?

Looks like his opponents have shot back.

A note about the title: today the “GOAT” is the “Greatest of All Time,” but my Arkansas native mother used the term “goat” for someone like the barnyard animal who wasn’t very popular. Meacham can now claim he’s gone from one to the other.


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