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The Place Which Watches the Grass Grow Gets a Pass on Shari’a

Brunei slides past our sybaritic elites:

The sultan of Brunei has issued an edict that threatens Muslims with five years in prison if they celebrate Christmas. Christians are told that their celebrations must remain secret or they can be jailed as well.

One of my family business‘ customers was Brunei Shell, as the state sanctioned oil monopoly was called at the time. (Note that the Dutch were complicit in creating this Islamic money machine, as were they and other Western countries in just about all of the world). Our personnel would visit from time to time; my brother stopped by about a quarter century ago.  His comment was that Brunei was “a good place to watch the grass grow”. Now we have a situation that, with Shari’a law, that’s about the only legal thing left to do.

You think that our “freedom-loving” government would want to do something about this? Think again:

But while most Americans don’t know about Brunei, the Obama Regime does know about Brunei. Members of the Obama Regime loves Brunei. In fact, they love Brunei so much, they included Brunei in the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade deal…Under this deal, there can be no labeling to tell you a product is made in America. Do you want to boycott Brunei because of the way it treats Christians and because it is implementing Islamic law? Good luck finding labeling that tells you products were made in Brunei. Under the TPP, it is even arguable that citizen boycotts of the products of a certain nation could open the individuals up to litigation.

Everybody knows that the current Occupant has little use for Christians.  But wait: didn’t the Shari’a-loving Sultan get into it with the LGBT community because he owns hotels in the Los Angeles area? Guess they’re out of luck too on a boycott. This is especially strange since our government has made a great effort for same LGBT community in Africa, with dubious results for everyone.

The really sad thing this about this is that we have yet another Muslim monarch giving way to the brainless, Saudi Arabian policy of enforcing across-the-board Shari’a in a way that not even the early caliphs did.  They could have taken a cue from the earlier Ottomans, but that, sad to say, is out of fashion in Islam.


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