Anglicanism Without Canterbury

The Most Rev. Eliud Wabukala, Kenya’s Anglican primate, lays it out:

It has been suggested that the way forward is for the Anglican Communion to abandon the idea that there should be mutual recognition between the provinces and that it should instead find its unity simply in a common relationship with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

This is not historic Anglicanism; the See of Canterbury is honoured and respected as the Mother Church of the Communion, but the unity of the Communion does not depend upon the Archbishop of Canterbury. Rather, it depends upon the various provinces being able to recognize each other, with all their differences of culture, as truly apostolic and committed to the faith as it has been received. Tragically, that recognition has now broken down and affection for Canterbury is no substitute.

I have felt for a long time that the North Americans on both sides are too heavily invested in Canterbury and need a reality check, both about the current state of the Communion and what a Christian church is really supposed to be all about.  Wabukala evidently has figured out both; hopefully both he and his North American counterparts will arrange for “open return” travel arrangements for the meeting next month.

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