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Sylvia Dunlap: Someone Like Me

Oblate OBLP 1001 (1981)

Followers of this blog know that, if an album combines “Texas” and “Catholic,” I’m generally interested.  This album, which is a little later than most of the albums on this site, goes against the grain of where Christian music was going in the early 1980’s (and that’s also somewhat true of Ft. Worth based Honor, Wisdom, Glory and Praise) in that it’s a straightforward Christian folk album.  Sylvia Dunlap isn’t the strongest vocalist out there (but then again neither was Juliana Garza, and look what she put out) but the music is simple and sincere, and that makes it nice.

The songs:

  1. Someone Like Me
  2. Song of Solomon
  3. Peter Was a Fisherman
  4. Wash Me In Water
  5. Pick Me Up
  6. Woman At The Well
  7. My Father’s House
  8. Sing a New Song
  9. Hollow of His Hand
  10. Paul’s Prayer

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