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St. Pius X Seminary Choir: Each One Heard In His Own Language About The Marvels Of God

Century 30441

One of those early, pre-NOM works, it was led by Rev. Nicholas Freund.  The best way to describe this album is “eclectic.”  It has some of the “space age” effects of Leo Nestor’s Sons of the Morning, but doesn’t venture into the refined realms of that work.  It explores the combination of folk and choir as does God Unlimited and Peter Scholtes’ parish, but lacks the original compositional resources.  From a 1960’s folk and rock standpoint, it’s definitely a step forward from the likes of The Winds of God and has some nice covers of some of the best of early post-Vatican II folk music, and many Catholic parishes and student groups would follow in its footsteps for the next decade and beyond.


The songs:

  1. Acts 4.1-2
  2. Pentecost Sunday
  3. I Am The Resurrection
  4. Come Children Hear Me
  5. Who Is This Man
  6. Get Together
  7. Introit-Sing To The Lord
  8. Kyrie-Lament For The City
  9. Gloria-Joy In The City
  10. Credo-Death In The City, Sanctus-Lord Of The City, Agnus Dei-New Life In The City


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