When the Government Denies You Serving Sunday Brunch

In Palm Beach, where else:

Harvey Oyer, attorney for Del Frisco’s Grille: Royal Poinciana Plaza restaurant originally wanted to serve Saturday lunch and Sunday brunch. Council approved Saturday lunch service, asked restaurant to meet conditions to open: No live music, approved operating hours, priority reservation system for residents, no happy hour, refuse stored indoors, employee parking in northwest corner of plaza property, be town-serving, offer valet parking. And asked Del Frisco’s to come back in February to consider request for Sunday brunch service…

Council votes to deny appeal, request for special exception to serve weekend lunch and brunch.

And remember, this is the town that induced the tearing down of a house for putting up bullet proof glass to protect himself against a golf course.

In addition to the obvious, one of the ongoing debates in Palm Beach these days is the redevelopment of the Royal Poinciana Plaza, which is basically a mixed use shopping complex.  At one time WPTV (Channel 5) was at the entrance to the Plaza, but in recent years it has fallen on hard times.  It was where we used to go to Abercrombie and Fitch before they went “big time”.

A major reason it has struggled to get going again is stuff like this.

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