The Best Selling Aggie Author: A Controversial Christian

It’s Forrest Mims:

Forrest M. Mims III ’66, “the Country Scientist,” has written more than 60 books, mostly technical tomes on electronics, some in various editions and in two or more languages. His total sales exceed 7 million copies. He is probably best known for his hand-lettered and illustrated Getting Started in Electronics, published by Radio Shack in 1983, which has sold more than 1.3 million copies and is still in print. He is working on a new memoir.

For those with relatively long memories, a quarter of a century ago Mims was at the heart of a controversy with Scientific American.  They were impressed enough with his material for him to start a column in that prestigious publication but disliked his stance against evolution enough to pull it.

There was never any argument as to the quality of his work or the content of his articles.  But that never stands in the way when The Subject comes up.

For more on this subject on this blog, click here and here.

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