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Persistent Issues in the Wave Equation for Piling for Both Forward and Inverse Methods

As a slight departure from the usual subjects of this blog, we offer this paper for discussion and consideration:

This article is an overview of the current state of both forward and inverse analysis of wave propagation in piling. It begins with a summary of the typical acceptance procedure for the wave equation as applied to (primarily) driven piles. It then defines and describes what are forward and inverse methods, outlining criteria which are important for success. After this the governing equations are discussed, both undamped and damped (Telegrapher’s) wave equations, and why it is important to consider the latter as the true governing equation for pile dynamics. This is followed by a discussion of explicit and implicit methods and how they are (and might be) applied to the problem at hand. The difference between finite difference and finite element methods is discussed, and how each has been applied in either a one-dimensional or two-dimensional way. Finally the issue of rheology is examined. The central problem with dynamic analysis the inability to separate static and dynamic resistance by the basic inverse methods available is discussed in detail.

Download the paper here.  You can leave your comments below.


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