They Used to Know Christians By Their Love. But Now…

even the Federal government boots the likes of Michael Pfleger off the program:

Michael Pfleger, the controversial Catholic priest who made racial remarks about Hillary Clinton and defended Louis Farrakhan, has been removed as a keynote speaker at a diversity day event sponsored by a federal government agency.

A spokesperson for the Broadcasting Board of Governors told Fox News that Pfleger’s office has been notified that his invitation to address the group has been rescinded.

“This is an event that is meant to celebrate inclusiveness and diversity,” spokesperson Lynne Weil told Fox News. “It was deemed by our senior management that it was not appropriate to have him as a speaker.”

Pfleger is one of a extended tradition of left-wing Chicago activist clerics.  Most people think of Jeremiah Wright, but it goes back a lot longer than that.  On our music pages two from the 1960’s are represented: the Episcopalian Ian Williams and the Catholic Peter Scholtes, who is best known for They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love.

The fact that the “religious left” had its place in the “Jesus Music” and movement of the era is something that’s easy to forget with subsequent events and the absolute polarisation of our society.  Ultimately any political or social scheme which is driven by identity politics the way ours is will degenerate into bigotry and hatred.  The fact that an administration run by a Chicago community organiser saw fit to boot someone who should have been a hero to it shows that occasionally even the left has its limits.

Christians should be known by their love.  Although I’ve discussed the importance of doctrinal and theological integrity before, losing ourselves in the hatred of others is another sign that some of us have wandered from the fold.

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