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Some Thoughts on Same Sex Civil Marriage–from 2004

I’ve taken something of a “Lenten Break” since Ash Wednesday.  I find it more and more frustrating to opine on social and political matters to either a)liberals, who like my old cat only hear the sound of their own voice, or b)conservatives, who can’t get themselves to think outside the box at a time when their survival depends upon it.  Most of this past Lent I’ve spent music blogging, an activity which has gratified both me and many of the artists represented, and a blessing to people around the world. (2012, however, was a rough year in the field).

Unfortunately events move on.  I surfaced twice, once about the new Pope, and the other time about Tory Baucum and his ill-considered strategy vis-à-vis the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.  The latter has ended well for the time being, which is a relief.

More recently, of course, we have SCOTUS hearing two cases on same-sex civil marriage during Holy Week. The timing was certainly in bad taste, but get used to it: there’s more to come.  Same sex civil marriage has become the “civil rights” campaign of the hour.  From our elites’ standpoint, it makes sense.  First, the LGBT leadership has been the vanguard of the American left, with its “take no prisoners” method.  Second, our elites can fancy themselves heroes by championing “marriage equality” which costs them nothing.  If they were to focus on economic equality, it would cost them a lot, because they would have to give up the benefits of the economic inequality (and the centralisation of wealth and power) that proceed afoot in our country and of which they are the chief beneficiaries, rhetoric notwithstanding.

Many of the responses are predictable.  What’s gratifying to me personally is the more pundits on the right are calling for the abolition of civil marriage.  I must confess that I was forced to “fish or cut bait” on this idea by a gay activist who launched what was IMHO cyberbullying on this blog almost seven years ago.  What’s amazed me is that no one on the right has really challenged me on this position.

At this point getting civil marriage out of our legal code is going to be a long process.  If we look at the time, money and chutzpah that has gone into getting same-sex civil marriage this far–and be assured that it will make it sooner or later–we can see how long it would take to root it out altogether.

In the meanwhile churches and people who profess and call themselves Christians are going to need a game plan to protect themselves from the predictable onslaught that will follow.  Back in 2004, before this site became a blog, I wrote a piece entitled “Gay Marriage? What Marriage”? which looked at the alternatives for Christians and churches in response to the legalisation of same-sex civil marriage.  My suggestions at the time were as follows:

  1. Christian churches could revert to their pre-Constantinian position and discourage service in the military, as holiness and Pentecostal churches did during the early part of the last century. The Church of God, for instance, waited until V-J day in 1945 to adopt a friendlier position on military service by its members.
  2. They could also opt out of opposition to illegal immigration, figuring that those which jump the fence or swim across the river are fit members for their church (which they are in many cases.)
  3. Anyone who works for or is economically dependent upon a foreign corporation–especially if it’s state owned–is an agent of a foreign government, albeit legally.
  4. Christian churches could finally expect their members to either home school their children or send them to a Christian school, which would spare them both state indoctrination and mediocre education.
  5. Christians would have to interpret passages such as Roman 13 in the context they were originally written in–a dictatorial state whose actions they had no input in and the obedience of whose laws is done solely as a Christian witness, not as a civic obligation.
  6. With a little organisation, Christian churches could even enable their members to opt out of civil marriage altogether, divorcing themselves from an institution that first came from God Himself but has been nationalised to suit the needs of the state, and putting it back in the hands of Him who joined the first man and woman in the Garden.

When your country doesn’t want you any more, you do what you have to do.


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