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Inri Ezel: Aunque La Tierra Tiemble Debemos De Cantar

Roka LP-7316 (1973)

If the previous Puerto Rican album was a conservative throwback for its day, this one is anything but: it’s a hard-driving rocker, some of which isn’t particularly Hispanic in flavour.  And it varies in style too, from very fast pieces to very slow ones.  If the goal was to reach into the heads of all kinds of rock fans, it succeeds very well.  Those of you with “Mi Orgullo” stickers on your car may want to turn this one up going down the street (local ordinances permitting), it’s something to be proud of.

The songs:

  1. Jesus el Nazareno Mi Dios
  2. Como Estas Picador
  3. Dios Es Spiritu
  4. Ven a Jesus
  5. Con Cristo Voy
  6. Dios es Nuestro Amparo
  7. Cristo te ama a ta
  8. Padre Nuestro
  9. La Corona de la Vida
  10. Solo Dios
  11. Gracias Papa

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One Reply to “Inri Ezel: Aunque La Tierra Tiemble Debemos De Cantar”

  1. It’s albums like this that really make me appreciate your site and your efforts to spread great, obscure Jesus music. I sincerely doubt I ever would have come across this album had it not been on your site, and I have been really enjoying it the past few weeks. While it would be nice to know what exactly they’re singing, it’s easy enough to pick out the gist of it (Jesus el nazareno mi dios isn’t particularly hard to decipher), and the guitar work nicely compliments the melodies. Great stuff! Thanks!


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