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Ecos Celestiales: Escuchame Señor

EC-101 (1971)

For a departure from the recent postings, this one and the next feature albums from Puerto Rico.  The recent election of a Latin American Pope has put the spotlight on this largely Roman Catholic world, but Latin America also has a strong Evangelical and Pentecostal presence, one that is changing both Latin America and the non-Catholic world at the same time.  This didn’t happen all at once, and these albums are a fun testament to that.

Although the date on the album puts it in the early 1970’s, the style is a throwback even for that date, to the early or mid-1960’s.  Nevertheless, this album is good “Jesus Music” era stuff in that it’s simple and authentic, and its power lies in both.  In an era when too much of our Christian music, to say nothing of our praise and worship, smacks too much of a commercial production, this is a breath of fresh air.

The songs:

  1. Escuchame Señor
  2. Haz Como Zaqueo
  3. Cristo Perdona
  4. Amigo Eterno
  5. Ahora Tenemos A Cristo
  6. Cristo Te Dara La Felicidad
  7. Atrevete A Ser Libre
  8. Cristo Ven A Mi
  9. Gloria Al Salvador
  10. Soy De Cristo

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