The Stimulus That Actually Worked (For the Moment)

The campaigns’ and Super PACS’ junk mail has injected cash into our strapped postal system:

The 2012 election season couldn’t have come at a better time for the U.S. Postal Service.

While still low on cash, the postal service has enough to avoid insolvency this month, thanks in large part to the mountains of political junk mail and the influx of Super PACs paying top postage rates.

It’s heartening to know that, for all the posturing our Federal elected officials take about the postal system, the system has actually worked in its favour, at least during this election season.  It’s not bad either that (atheists shriek in horror!) the Christmas season carries things through at least through the first of the year.

Overall, however, our dysfunctional political system has done the postal system a tremendous disservice.  We all know that changes in the way we communicate change the role of the system, a Constitutionally mandated one at that.  But while the USPS has sunk deeper into insolvency the Congress has blocked solutions such as ceasing Saturday delivery and consolidating post offices in the name of short-term political expediency.

Our political system gives us two stark choices: the government should be everything or the government should be nothing.  Our Constitution, however, sets forth a limited government and presupposes a people with enough self-responsibility to maintain it.  Part of that is not only to make the burden on private enterprise and individuals as minimal as necessary, but also that the functions which government does be led effectively.  Currently we have the worst of both worlds; our private sector is over-regulated and the public sector poorly led.  Fixing these problems will be the measure of whether we are responsible enough to keep up this Republic or not.

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