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Churches Aren't the Only Institutions Ruined by Egos

Works even for a “place” like WikiLeaks:

But leading Anonymous accounts on Twitter…have now withdrawn their support (of WikiLeaks)…Calling the split “the end of an era”, Anonymous tweeted: “It was an awesome idea, ruined by egos.”

I’ve commented on the adverse effect of “egos inflatable to any size” ruining efforts in the church, especially with the recent spat centred around Chuck Murphy.  People inside and outside the church are quick to criticise Christian churches when egotism and pride get in the way of the real mission of the church.

This is justified.  Humility and servant leadership are quintessentially Christian concepts, something I pointed out in When the Sheep Have Anthrax.  In authoritarian societies, humility is drilled into the population by the power holders.  Jesus Christ introduced the idea that it should be a voluntary act, one he demonstrated when he washed the disciples’ feet at the Last Supper (and by going to the cross afterwards).

In a world where freedom is an obsession (not enough in some ways, but…) and secularism is widespread humility starts to look like one of those old “fuddy-duddy” things.  Arrogance and overweening self-confidence become the order of the day.  It creeps into the church and it’s a tragedy.  But it’s no better when it gets into an enterprise like WikiLeaks, irrespective of the merits of that enterprise.

Humility isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think of “one nation under God”.  Maybe it should be.  You can’t have “one nation” or one church or one anything if everyone is trying to be first (cf. 3 John 9-11).

Or one WikiLeaks…


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