My Idea of Classic Cars

I see many postings on Facebook about American “classic” or more explicitly “muscle” cars of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  It’s a mix of photos from the day, photos of other people’s restored cars, or in some cases their own children or grandchildren restoring them.  Few things will warm a Boomer’s heart than more than this stuff, mostly because most Boomers went through some rite of passage in one or more of them.

In spite of my brother’s infatuation with cars such as the Grand Am and GTO (Gas, Tyres and Oil) he managed to cut short my intro into the muscle car world by getting my father to put me in the baby blue Pinto.  But the 1600 cc Cortina engine may have had a subliminal influence: the classic cars that really get my attention came from the UK.

The Telegraph has put together a magnificent slide show of classic cars from British television shows.  Although I missed most of the shows, I managed to either rent or own cars similar to some of those in the slides.

One show I didn’t miss: The Prisoner, “KAR120C” is shown here.  Be seeing you!

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