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California Runs Out of Gas

The state that almost invented auto mobile living grinds to a halt:

Gas prices shot up nearly 13 cents in some areas overnight Saturday, fueled by what’s being called “a perfect storm of factors” that drove inventories across California to near-record lows.

The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in L.A. County was $4.66, up from $4.58 on Friday.

It’s been a long time coming.  Consider this, from a piece from another website of mine showing one of my family business’ products offshore California before they pulled the plug.  The commentary is nearly ten years old:

Vulcan 3100 hammer installing piles for Exxon’s Hondo platform off of Santa Barbara, California. In 1752 Bishop Erich Pontippidan noted that “The North Sea has a curious property. In addition to its salinity it also possesses oiliness. It is likely that here or there the sea, just as the earth, ejects oil flows, or streams of petroleum, naptha, sulphur, coal tar and other bituminous and oily juices.” Similar things were noted off of California, without the offshore drilling that is supposed to be the sole cause of this.

The fanatical determination of environmentalists to see their vision of purity realised ended offshore oil exploration off of California, something that the state has paid the price for ever since.

And obviously is not getting any better…but such is life in the People’s Republic.


One Reply to “California Runs Out of Gas”

  1. The envirofacists are bound and determined to starve the US of its very own energy riches in its zeal to drive the United States down to third world status. Sadly, they are succeeding, and we are all going to pay in ways we could never imagine. So tragically sad. The US has oil riches galore off its coasts and under its soil.


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