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Bill Atwood: 3:25 A.M.

Bill Atwood
3:25 A.M. (Dovetail DOVE 35) 1976

It’s hard to conceive of a mellower production than this, with Bill Atwood’s smooth vocals and the excellent backing instrumentation from John Pantry’s production (Cloud’s backup vocals add the mix.) This is a favourite of mine, and it’s too bad that the follow up from the UK wasn’t up to it. One thing the UK did follow up on: his description of the USSR…

Atwood is today a Bishop in the Anglican Church in North America.

As Ken Scott, the “Archivist” would say, throw another log on the fire…

The song “I Will Build You A City” is used in this video slideshow:

The songs (for individual download:)

  1. He Called Me A Rock
  2. 3:25 AM
  3. Colours
  4. I Will Build You A City
  5. Pentecost
  6. Sitting At The Table
  7. He Will Answer You
  8. Lonely Man
  9. Lonely And All Alone
  10. Father I Hear Music
  11. USSR

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