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Month of Sundays: Foundations

In fulfilment of the charge which God had entrusted to me, I laid the foundation like a skilful master-builder; but another man is now building upon it. Let every one take care how he builds; For no man can lay any other foundation than the one already laid-Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 3:10-11)

In 2004-5, the Gulf Coast of the U.S. was battered by a series of storms whose names have passed into American history: Ivan, Rita, and the worst of all, Katrina. Images of Mississippi coastal towns reduced to rubble and a flooded New Orleans, never to return to its former state, are etched in our memories.

In Louisiana and Texas, much of the economy is centred on the oil industry. Offshore are hundreds of platforms, producing the oil and gas which literally fuel our economy. All of them were evacuated during the storms, and some of them were damaged or destroyed. After the storms had passed all of them were inspected to make sure that they were intact, or to recommend repair or removal if they weren’t.

One amazing fact came out of these inspections: none of them had failed due to a failure of the foundation! Some of the platforms were designed in the 1960’s, when there was no experience to back up many of the designs. Foundation failure would have been the worst disaster, since the whole platform would have been overturned, risking losing the blow-out preventers that prevent massive oil spills from uncapped wells.

A building, bridge or other structure is only as good as the foundation it’s placed on. That’s the way it is with a life, too. If a life is based on the pleasures and impulses of the moment, it won’t last through the storms that come our way.

Jesus Christ is the only foundation that will last because he is God. He was there before we were and he will be there when we arrive at our eternity. What foundation will you choose to build your life on?


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