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Ark: Voyages

Ark: Voyages (1978)

When one thinks of Southern music–especially in the 1970’s–one thinks of either Country and Western or Southern Gospel. And it’s true that much of what came out in that era was one or the other. A good example of that was the Greenville, SC group Southern Joy that we feature on this site.

But across town in Simpsonville, another group was working on a vastly different sound. The result is this album, a unique production in many ways.

Ark was made up of three people:

  • Eddie Herold, Electric Guitar
  • Charles Moses, Bass and Acoustic Guitars
  • Lee Henderson, Drums and Percussion

Ken Scott (the Archivist) has likened this album’s haunting sound to The Doors, and that’s certainly an influence on them. But it’s broader than that; sometimes it reminds you of contemporary Southern rock such as the Atlanta Rhythm Section, other times it veers into jazz like an early Stanley Clarke. It’s another example of an unique sound that unfortunately didn’t have many successors in Christian music.

The songs:

  • Introduction
  • When The Son Comes Out
  • Sea Of Life
  • Drifting
  • Sidewalk Preacherman
  • In The Desert
  • Blue Angel
  • Lord I’m Learning
  • Peace Of Mind
  • New Civilization
  • Dear Old Friends

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