Christ has arisen! He has truly arisen!

Without a doubt the most unusual association I developed in my years of making and selling pile driving equipment is my association with the Russians.

I spend some time on this site with some of the lessons I learned. We learn the advantages of monotheism from a train trip in Half a Million Roubles. Is it Enough? The solution to getting stuck in a bureaucracy is discussed in Who’s this idiot? That’s me! And, best of all, our Western tendency towards addled liberalism gets targeted in He is Prepared to Sign Anything.

Anglicans look longingly towards Eastern Orthodoxy. The Episcopal Church is too much like the old Soviet restaurant.  We got our first taste of this in our Visit to Zagorsk. We also found out that Russian Orthodoxy has moments it would rather forget in The Life of the Archpriest Avvakum by Himself.

But beyond all of these things–and more–we learned that the Russian greeting at Easter is “Christ has arisen!” to which the reply is “He has truly arisen!” We still get this greeting from Russia just about every year. All through seventy years of atheism Russians still called the day they sat in their crumbling flats, got drunk and hoped their Soviet-made TV’s wouldn’t explode (Sunday) literally “Resurrection Day.” For all of Orthodox churches’ weaknesses, their emphasis on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is admirable, and needs to be ours too.

So we join our friends in Russia and everywhere else one more time:

Christ as arisen! He has truly arisen!

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