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The Existential Threat of Exodus

Another day, another “hate group”:

Gay activists are targeting another Christian ministry’s iPhone application. wants the app for Exodus International discontinued. Exodus is a Christian ministry that helps Christians who struggle with homosexuality.

Homosexual activists also are targeting the Exodus app’s ratings, which sometimes are critical in helping an iPhone owner determine whether to download an app… says Exodus’ message is hateful and bigoted.
For people (the LGBT community) who pride themselves in being logical, this is a puzzler.

It is an article of faith amongst LGBT activists that sexual orientation is innate and immutable.  For years we were regaled with the “gay gene” theory, which doesn’t have much currency these days.  The truth of the matter is that we really don’t know why some people have predominant same-sex attractions.  We don’t even know why some people are asexual, and these people pose a real threat to the whole post-1960’s sexual ethic in our society.  In any case that immutability, in turn, is an important key in having this community designated as a protected group.

If they know and believe this immutability to be true, then groups like Exodus may be distasteful to them, but should not pose a problem.  How can Exodus change what cannot be changed?

This campaign reveals that, for all of their party line on this issue, many advocates have doubts as to the immutability issue.  And if that is seriously challenged then in turn the protected group status is challenged.   This explains the animus against Exodus and their iPhone app.

My guess is that Apple will cave on this as they did with the Manhattan Declaration app.


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