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Cloud: Free to Fly (Holy Trinity Brompton)

Free To Fly (Dovetail DOVE 16) 1975

Their first album is a lovely group of songs, most of which are drawn from the Scriptures. The cover suggests the album’s content: soaring and ethereal. But it’s also well executed, with superb musicianship. Free to Fly is one of the best treasures from 1970’s British Jesus Music.

Cloud was what we would call now the “praise band” for Holy Trinity Brompton Church of Nicky Gumbel (and now Shaneen Clarke) fame.   We also have their album The Resting Place as well.

The songs (for individual download:)

  1. Living Stones
  2. Love One Another
  3. I Feel I Want To Fly
  4. I Will Lift Up My Eyes
  5. The Sun Will Surely Rise
  6. The Lord By Wisdom
  7. Come Bless The Lord
  8. May The Lord Bless You From Zion
  9. Praise The Lord/I Know That The Lord Is Great
  10. I Know That The Lord Is Great
  11. Give Thanks Unto The Lord/Sing Unto the Lord
  12. I Give Thanks O Lord With My Whole Heart
  13. Search Me
  14. Sing To The Lord A New Song
  15. Let Everybody That Hath Breath Praise The Lord

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