The Socialists Have Been Bought Off

The situation, as described by The Hill’s Brent Budowsky, is a revolutionary’s dream come true:

The great fault line in American politics today is not Democratic versus Republican, left versus right or black versus white. It is between the core political and financial power centers and the great silent majority of Americans who want to work hard, play fair, build a better life for their families and be treated fairly by government and business alike…

As Christmas approaches, there will be stories of humongous Wall Street bonuses alongside stories of unemployment rising above 10 percent and foreclosures remaining at record levels. There will be stories of speculation on Wall Street alongside stories of credit card rates still rising as banks rush to beat the effective date of the new credit card law.

It is not “Merry Christmas” for workers worried about losing their jobs or benefits. It is not “Happy New Year” for those receiving pink slips while others receive giant bonuses.

People like Lenin and Mao made careers and changed nations with stuff like this.

But the American left, the supposed home of socialism in this country, has been bought off.  They have been bought off by our major financial and corporate interests.  They say they speak for the people but they hold the people in contempt.  They say it’s for our good while they cut endless deals with the insurance and pharmecutical companies for programs whose main purpose is to turn the American people into clients and themselves into patrons, with the people’s money no less.

Marx used to say that history repeats itself, the first time as a tragedy and the second time as a farce.  His followers did the tragedy, and now the children of the 1960’s and their followers are working on the farce.

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