Reason Isn’t the Issue in Education

The Archbishop of Canterbury may think so:

“…the sober testimony of the twentieth century is that the rationality of secular thinking is no guarantee of universal understanding and reconciliation. A rationality that has brought us into the age of nuclear weaponry and global economic meltdown invites some sharp questions, to put it mildly … As the Pope has argued several times in recent years, the drift towards relativism and pluralism is not the triumph but the defeat of reason …”

But I don’t.

The difference between theists and our secular opponents lies in the premises we’re working from.  Our opponents would like to think that, if we imposed “reason” on everyone, things would be wonderful.  But the quality of the reasoning is only as good as the quality of the premises from which that reasoning stems.

The way postmoderns avoid this problem is to posit that there are no absolutes.  That does break down reasoning (as the Pope observes) by denying the truth of any premises.  Once you do that any subsequent reasoning is of dubious import.

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