Islam vs. the Atheists: The New Competition

The juxtaposition of two posts deserves note.

First, this one from Abu Daoud about Our Islamic Future (it’s the YouTube video below):

The second comes from the New York Times (HT to Titusonenine):

More than ever, America’s atheists are linking up and speaking out — even here in South Carolina, home to Bob Jones University, blue laws and a legislature that last year unanimously approved a Christian license plate embossed with a cross, a stained glass window and the words “I Believe” (a move blocked by a judge and now headed for trial).

They are connecting on the Internet, holding meet-ups in bars, advertising on billboards and buses, volunteering at food pantries and picking up roadside trash, earning atheist groups recognition on adopt-a-highway signs.

They liken their strategy to that of the gay-rights movement, which lifted off when closeted members of a scorned minority decided to go public.

The analogy to the gay rights movement is fruitful, not only because they’re “coming out of the closet” but also because the LGBT community is more secular than people like V. Gene Robinson and Susan Russell want to admit.  So there’s a considerable overlap between the two.

Generally speaking, on both sides of the Atlantic the usual target of atheists has been Christianity.  But a more agressive–and demographically growing–group are the Muslims.  If and when Islam decides to focus on atheists–and that focus depends upon whether the atheists are stupid enough to target them legally, something they haven’t done much of yet–the resulting firestorm will not be nice.  And the atheists will wish they had stuck with making the Christians’ life miserable.

Will this happen?  If Allah wills it…

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