Forrest Mims, Creationist, Featured in True Maroon

The current edition of True Maroon, an online magazine for and about Aggies, features a piece (in video and text) on Forrest Mims III ’66, science writer and researcher. In November 2008, Discover magazine named him one of the “50 Best Brains in Science.

But all was not so rosy for Mims.  As the text portion explains:

In 1990, Mims was denied a writing spot as the editor of Scientific American’s “The Amateur Science” column after revealing his belief in creationism. The controversy and his claim of religious discrimination launched Mims into an international media storm. Reporters showed up on his doorstep, his phone rang constantly for interviews and television news set up cameras in the pasture.

When the hard questions came and the opposition got loud, he did what he still does. “I revert right back to being a freshman at Texas A&M with that sophomore yelling at me and screaming at me, telling me to do pushups,” he said. “So I can tolerate things that I might not have been able to tolerate otherwise.”

Texas A&M taught him that resistance makes you stronger—and what he thought was a roadblock in his career turned out to be an opportunity. In taking a break from writing, Mims focused on science.

I’m proud to be a fellow Aggie with Forrest Mims.

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