The Provincial Hillary Clinton

There’s no other explanation for it:

Hillary Clinton raised eyebrows on her first visit to Europe as secretary of state when she mispronounced her EU counterparts’ names and claimed U.S. democracy was older than Europe’s…

A veteran politician, Clinton compared the complex European political environment to that of the two-party U.S. system, before adding:

“I have never understood multiparty democracy.

“It is hard enough with two parties to come to any resolution, and I say this very respectfully, because I feel the same way about our own democracy, which has been around a lot longer than European democracy.”

This country is not the world’s oldest democracy, nor its most democratic, and certainly not first in economic freedom any more.  And we’d be better off with a multi-party system; there’s simply no way that a two-party system can properly represent the kalidescope of political views we have in a country as large as ours.  (I think Hillary’s and Barack Obama’s objective is to turn us into a one-party state, but I digress…maybe that’s why she doesn’t understand multi-party democracy, they can’t handle two.)

It’s depressing to live in a country where its self-proclaimed Ivy-League educated élites, who crow incessantly about how much more sophisticated they are, how much more they know, how much better they speak the language, etc., go overseas and make us look even more stupid in this fashion.

And she topped it off with messing up the Russians’ “easy button…” Not only did they screw up the Russian word, they couldn’t even put it into the Cyrillic alphabet.

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