Go Ahead. Stuff the Money in the Mattress. Just Like the French Do.

I think our President is reading my blog:

In a 35-minute conversation with The New York Times aboard Air Force One on Friday, Mr. Obama reviewed the challenges to his young administration. The president said he could not assure Americans the economy would begin growing again this year. But he pledged that he would “get all the pillars in place for recovery this year” and urged Americans not to “stuff money in their mattresses.”

This popped up here last week:

If this were France, we’ve have a populace who would be busy stuffing gold in the mattress, evading taxes and figuring out ways of surviving under a government whose main interest is its own.

Not a few on the conservative side have equated Barack Obama’s program with an attempt to make the U.S. like France.  He’s all but admitted same; the story of the French filling their mattresses with fungible assets (makes for a lumpy sleep, in the case of coin) is widespread.  But, if he’s going to to reorient the government the way he is, he’s got to expect people to react like those who have lived under this for centuries.

Ésprit de corps?

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