My Life, and a Challenge for Missional Ministers

I’m kicking off the New Year with the song Ma Vie (My Life), from the album De l’abondance du coeur, la bouche parle (For what fills the heart will rise to the lips) by the French group Les Reflets.  It is in French, but the version podcasted has video that goes with my piece When You Need a Native Guide.

The albums I post get picked up by all kinds of sites.  In this case it was the subject of a posting at the French message board Rock6070, which (unsurprisingly) covers rock music from the 1960’s and 1970’s.  (It’s interesting to note that this site uses the same board software and graphic layout as the Church of God ministers’ favourite, Actscelerate.)  The album was brought up by one of the site admins, one “Witchy Cow,” a French woman living in Montréal.

The French are notoriously difficult secuarlists, and that’s accentuated by the subject matter of the site.  Witchy Cow’s own kickoff was as follows:

Oh, devil… Generally, I have a certain aversion for works in religious matter. But when the music is splendid, the voices angelic, I forget the religious trinkets…

I discovered Les Reflets this evening, and I am completely under the charm! You understand?

The rest of her remarks were along the same lines.  One of the respondents said “Religious prosetelysation chokes me!  It’s like one of those psychedelic U.S. records which I find unbearable on account of too-religious lyrics.”  But alas the album is French, so the conundrum continues.

Make no mistake about it: this album is one of the finest Christian albums from the “Jesus Music” era out there, in any language, especially if you’re a fan of folk music.  It is very sophisticated stuff.  (The lyrics are more spiritual than a lot of those on this side of the Atlantic.)  And, as anyone who’s been under the influence of rock and folk lyrics knows, it’s easier to say you ignore them than to actually do so.

In getting the Good News out, we always have two factor to consider: the message and the method.  This album does well with both, and it has staying power too.  My challenge to those in my church and elsewhere in 2009 is to excel in both, and do so in such a way that will take the message of Jesus in places and to people you weren’t expecting.

Below: the YouTube version of this song and video.

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