Anglican Calendar Script Updated

It’s been a while, but the Anglican Calendar Script–a popular feature of the site–has been updated.  Two changes have been made:

  1. A bug which prevented the correct reporting of the First Sunday in Christmas has been fixed.  The whole series of celebrations around the turn of the year (Christmas, Circumcision, Epiphany) is the trickiest part of the liturgical year to automate (php figures Easter for you, so that’s good.)
  2. I added calling out the current date.  Because it uses php, the script relies on the local server time rather than the time at your computer (unlike client scripts like JavaScript.)  To reduce confusion for those on other time zones, I added the current date at the server.

I considered setting the script’s time to UTC in honour of the fact that Greewich and Canterbury are close by each other.  To tell the truth, though, I’m not sure just how much longer Canterbury’s going to be the centre of the Anglican Communion!

The script can be downloaded from here.

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