The Best Proof is in the Results

Ever since I wrote my first piece on The Golden Compass, I’ve noticed an uptick in interest in this site from secularists and atheists.  Now Black Sun adds his idea to my piece Sonny Perdue Prays for Rain. Why Not?

Maybe you could help yourselves out of your own human-created mess instead of a pathetic appeal to a non-existent God to make up for your own poor planning. Ridiculous. Appealing to a higher power is the surest way to see that nothing whatsoever gets done.

Evidently I’m too subtle again.  The central problem atheists and secularists are going to have to deal with is that the strongest "proof" of their idea will have to be the success of totally human institutions.  That’s where Marxism got itself into trouble: it was relatively simple to outlaw the "opiate of the people" but much harder to build a society of long-term viability without it.  Atheism and secularism are tied to humanism whether they like it or not.

His bringing up the nuclear plant is a good case in point.  As I pointed out two and a half years ago in The Obvious Solution, we could have had more nuclear power in the US had not luddite liberals blocked it. Many of us in the engineering community are still very regretful over this.  Where were the secularists when that fiasco was taking place?  Development of nuclear power would have advanced both our energy independence and reduced our emissions of CO2.  The road to "scientific" solutions is not as straightforward as secularists would have us believe.

As far as his contention that "appealing to a higher power is the surest way to see that nothing whatsoever gets done," that simply isn’t correct.  We were put here by our Creator to exercise stewardship over same creation, and that stewardship includes use of the creation for human survival and progress in such a way that the use can be sustainably perpetuated.  That involves the construction and maintenance of public works.  Good grief, you had water management in ancient Israel in such projects as the Gihon spring.

But we’re not dealing with God’s chosen people here, we’re dealing with the descendants of the same people who didn’t build an industrial base before entering a suicidal civil war.  And we live in a country which has a general aversion to invest its resources in public works of any kind.  By secularistic logic, our proactivity with public works should increase as our belief in God decreases, but that just isn’t happening.

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