Sonny Perdue Prays for Rain. Why Not?

Secularists can laugh all they want as Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue prays for rain amid drought, but it doesn’t change the fact that the other higher powers involved haven’t come through for the state in general and Atlanta in particular.

The Feds are too scared that certain species will be harmed to slow the flow into the Chattahoochee River and out of Lake Lanier.  And needless to say, in spite of much warning, no one else seems to have been planning for this problem.

As long as human institutions fail, appeal to divine intervention will continue.

One Reply to “Sonny Perdue Prays for Rain. Why Not?”

  1. Maybe you could help yourselves out of your own human-created mess instead of a pathetic appeal to a non-existent God to make up for your own poor planning. Ridiculous. Appealing to a higher power is the surest way to see that nothing whatsoever gets done.

    The reason the Chattahoochee needs to keep flowing is a hydroelectric plant and a nuclear plant that makes your electricity. Or did you think that came from God, too?


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