Likely Voters Reject Hillary’s Racist Proposal

It’s heartening to see that likely voters have rejected Hillary Clinton’s proposal for US$5,000 for every newborn in the U.S.

It’s been a worry that American voters, buffeted by the wild ride this decade has been and seeing the growing gap between top and bottom of the income scale, would jump at any government entitlement.  Obviously Hillary Clinton has (at best) picked the wrong one to put forth, which may come back to haunt her.

The blunt truth of the matter is that Hillary’s proposal is racist.  It is inspired by European programmes of the same kind which attempt to equalise the low birthrate of white Europeans with the Muslim immigrants, a desperate attempt to hold off the triumph of  "Eurabia" and (for the UK) "Londonistan."  The birthrate in the U.S. is higher, even amongst "white" people (we’ve still not found a way to deal with mixed race people properly) but it’s still pulled upwards by immigrant groups (especially Hispanics.) If birthrates were left as they are and immigration were stemmed, we would still see a relative increase in the non-white population.

But it’s more than racist.  It’s secuarlist as well.  Religious people (Christians, Mormons, Muslims, etc.) still hold up the birthrate.  It’s liberal, white, secularist people who are lagging behind.  This subsidy was aimed at these people.  The left realises that abortion and the "culture of death" rings a bell that tolls primarily for them.

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