Christian Conservatives Consider Third-Party Effort. You’ve Got to be Kidding

I hope that the New York Times’ blog is doing a late April Fools’ joke with Christian Conservatives Consider Third-Party Effort.  But I’m afraid not.

Christian conservatives need to come to a few realisations about their current situation.

  1. Evangelical Christianity has been functionally absent from the halls of power for a long time, Billy Graham’s time with presidents notwithstanding.  Influential, certainly, but largely from the outside.
  2. Evangelical Christianity does not have a viable game plan to "finish the job" and really make this country a truly Christian country.  The "catch-up" effort of the Moral Majority and its successors started a decade late, and Christians have not grasped that the country’s secular (no state church) nature is too easy to use against them in the current climate.
  3. Christians needs to move away from Gothardian authoritarianism and theonomism if they want to survive and prosper in the U.S. today, otherwise the power of a secular state will come down very hard on them.  Besides, it’s more consistent with a true Christian view of government (as opposed to, say an Islamic one.)
  4. Christians really don’t want the Lizard Queen in power.  (Many liberals will find out they don’t either, but that’s another story.)

We need to quit wondering which candidate will bring us closer to a "righteous nation" and starting thinking about which candidate is the least likely to put us in jail.

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