The Pseudosophisticates That Run the Pseudodemocracy

One thing that has always bothered me about the U.S. is the broad-based ignorance about the real workings of foreign politics and societies.  The existence of this was confirmed in no uncertain terms in the a recent Harris Poll that revealed that Americans’ ignorance of their own affairs is bad enough, but that their ignorance of foreign politics is even worse.

Although they broke down the data for domestic politics according to party and ideological affiliation, they did not do this for foreign politics.  It would be very interesting to see how this divides up.  Given the low level overall, it’s hard to envision either side having much of an advantage, which explains the simplistic "either/or" thinking about the U.S.’s foreign enemies that pervades our political life today.

It all gives the impression that we are a pseudodemocracy run by pseudosophisticates.  And it doesn’t seem that liberals are giving much of a boost in this regard, which is a major indictment of liberalism.

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