Romney Muddles Abortion Stance

The truth is that Romney’s abortion stance was a muddle to start with, and this only makes things worse.

In all fairness, however, there are two "conservative" takes on the abortion issue from a legal standpoint.

The first is that the issue should have never been federalised to start with.  Had Roe v. Wade never been decided and Congress taken no action, it would have remained with the states.

The second is that a "righteous nation" should never permit abortion, thus it should be banned at the federal level.  But if this is so then our nation’s failure to protect the unborn didn’t start with Roe v. Wade but with the lack of federal legislation (or a constitutional provision) to prohibit abortion, which long antedates Roe.  (Whether the Fourteenth Amendment applies depends on the definition of life, something that Congress could propose and the Supreme Court dispose as it did in 1973.)

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