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Save it for the Lizard Queen

Evangelist Bill Keller’s saying that voting for Mitt Romney is like voting for Satan should neither be taken seriously nor be the business of the Internal Revenue Service.

I’d like to know: how many people has Keller trained to effectively share their Christian faith with a Mormon?  How much does he really know about Mormonism?  Does he realise that the Book of Mormon doesn’t teach Mormonism?  Chances are, if he could give positive answers to these questions, he wouldn’t be saying the things he is.

If he really wants to see what a "vote for Satan" is like, he needs to look at the other primary series.  One Catholic woman we know routinely refers to the "Lizard Queen" as "evil" and prays for her defeat.  And then we have the matter of the "Manchurian Candidate" put up by George Soros.  If either is elected, evangelists will be seeing a lot more of the Internal Revenue Service.

I have reservations about Mitt Romney, serious ones.  But a vote for Satan?  Hardly.


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