Fox News Needs a Geography Lesson

The uncovered plot to blow up the jet fuel at the JFK Airport is being continuously reported on Fox News, as one would expect.

However, their geography leaves a lot to be desired of.  Leading up to the 1300 FBI news conference, one of those arrested was a member of the parliament of Guyana, which Fox thought was in Africa and which they repeated.  Their "expert" who had travelled in Africa didn’t challenge this either.

Guyana is in South America.  Both Guyana and Trinidad/Tobago have substantial Muslim populations.

This reminds us of a story about Sir Lionel Luckhoo, the famous Guyanese barrister and diplomat who was born again in the wake of representing Jim Jones.  He went to a hotel  who couldn’t find his reservation.  Finally they unearthed a reservation of a "Sir Loin" from Guinea, which is in Africa.

Evidently Fox News (which I usually like) needs a geography expert which knows more than a hapless hotel clerk.

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