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Women in Ministry: A Popular Feature

In the course of developing materials and articles for this website, one that we added some time ago that has become a favourite of many of you has been our “Women in Ministry” article which we feature on our Island Chronicles page. There are actually two of them there: one more in favour, from the Assemblies of God, and the other more opposed, from the Anglican Mission in America. The first one is the one that has generated far more traffic.

We first noticed this from the Canadian blog Pursuing God but others have picked up on this as well. It seems that there is a need for encouragement in this regard, and frankly we’re glad to do this.

We expressed our own opinon on this last summer. The whole issue of women in ministry is challenging to everyone. It challenges women to get past a purely feminist/modernist view of why they should be in ministry, i.e., simply because they have the right to. It challenges the church–and men–to become serious about servant ministry, that a minister comes to serve others as Jesus came to humble himself on our behalf. Ultimately it challenges the whole idea that a minister–or priest, or church–is there as a formal intermediary between people and God, a subject we deal with elsewhere as well.

It is interesting that a work of fiction has had this kind of by-product. But our journey continues and we’re glad you’ve stopped by and taken a look.


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