The Volte-Face of the Left on the Draft

Although it’s been proposed before, we still find it hard to believe that a Democrat like Charles Rangel is actually proposing to reinstate the draft.

Perhaps however it’s a poison pill: Rangel himself stated the following:

There’s no question in my mind that this president and this administration would never have invaded Iraq, especially on the flimsy evidence that was presented to the Congress, if indeed we had a draft and members of Congress and the administration thought that their kids from their communities would be placed in harm’s way.

The Vietnam-era draft is what basically launched the modern American left.  That more than anything mobilised student protest movements.  Unfortunately, the left has had difficulty getting traction with the current conflict, and the fact that the army is all-volunteer is one major reason why.  This has forced some on the left into the absurd situation of wanting to reinstate the draft so to make wars unpopular.

These are politics at their most cynical.  Although one would think that the party of the 60’s radicals would run from Selective Service the way many of them did the first time, in our silly situation anything is possible.

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